MAG 204

  • The device is a medical product for magnetotherapy in low and high frequency.
  • It has got 4 exit channels for high frequency and 4 exit channels for low frequency; it is provided with a large range of standard and customized accessories.
  • The programs are 69 in high frequency and 69 programs in low frequency, to especially treat the most common diseases for which the effectiveness of the magnetic fields has been recognized. The treatment time and the frequency are already pre-set. The user has the possibility to carry out two different treatments at the same time.
  • Thanks to the simple use, it is ideal for professional use, but also for self-treatment.
  • The work frequencies with the new dual system are:
    - low frequency 100 Hz. and 100 Gauss;
    - high frequency 150 KHz. to obtain high performances.
  • The measurements are 33,5 x 10 x 27,5 cm.
  • It is a certified medical device with registration in the Ministry of Health and it has the CE0476 mark.
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