Magnetotherapy is an alternative therapy which uses magnetic fields in painful areas of the body in order to obtain a relaxing and relief effect.
Magnetic fields are normally present in the world and they have an essential function in the adjustment of the biologic functions as they influence the permeability of the cellular membranes which stimulate the production of natural endorphins.
The therapeutic effects of the pulsed magnetic fields are: anti-inflammatory, analgesic and bio-stimulating. Magnetotherapy is a therapeutic technique generally used in the veterinary orthopedic field for not consolidated fractures, pseudo arthrosis and not invasive treatments of pathologies in the muscular-bone system, acting on inflammations and on painful areas of the body, by doing a reparative action on the bone system. Magnetotherapy can be daily used in order to treat without pain and in a safe way different pathologies of the muscular-bone system of your animals.

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